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How to add subtitles to movies

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  • How watch movies with Subtitles

    Load Subtitles using button "Copy Url"

    This article shows you how to watch movies with subtitles using button "Copy Url" on the website

    Let us take as an example the movie "Flight (2012)".

    When you choose as a video hosting server, the page with the movie will look like the image below:

    As soon as you click the “Play Button” (or anywhere on the screen), a pop-up ad may appear redirecting you to another website. Sometimes ads appear twice, even three times in a row, before the button actually “clicks”. You just need to close the popping-up unrelated tabs/windows each time they appear.

    After you do that, click on the “Play” button. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, wait for 5-30 seconds for the video to preload.


    There will pop-up two possible selections: "Load srt/vtt from PC" and "Load srt/vtt from URL". In our case, for the subtitles to load fast, you need to click "Load srt/vtt from URL".


    After that the invitation: "Please enter the Url of file You want to use" appears.


    To enter the requested Url, please utilize the website: find the requested subtitles for the movie "Flight (2012)" on the website and click the button “Copy Url”. As soon as the copying is completed, you will see in the right upper corner the notification "Url Copied".


    Go back to Player and insert the copied Url in the bar below the invitation: "Please enter the Url of file You want to use" and click “OK”.


    When you do this, subtitles start showing immediately. Enjoy your favorite movies with OpenLoad and TheSubtitles!

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  • 'How I Met Your Mother': Why the finale worked

    Watch How I Met Your Mother full episodes here :

    What was How I Met Your Mother about?

    If you took the title at face value, you’re one of the (many, many, many) disappointed fans following Monday’s series finale. Yes, Ted met the Mother, but their meeting ended up being beside the point.

    (Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the HIMYM series finale.)

    As Ted’s teenage kids point out in the final minutes of the show, if this story was supposed to be all about their mom, then their dad is the world’s worst storyteller. It wasn’t really about the Mother; it was always about Robin. The show’s creators might have had you thinking that this final season revolved around Robin and Barney’s epic love story, but just like the show’s last 22 episodes (with a few exceptions: “How Your Mother Met Me” and “Gary Blauman,” notably), that premise never really rang true.

    In 2006, How I Met Your Mother laid out this thesis: Robin is the dream woman who isn’t ready for love, and Ted is the hopeless romantic who only has eyes for one girl. That’s not to take away from his relationship with the Mom Tracy McConnell, who was tailor-made for Ted Mosby. She was immediately ready for Ted’s brand of sappy, dorky, starry-eyed love, and wore driving gloves to boot. She kept him from leaving New York. She made him the father he was meant to be. But then she got sick.

    Meanwhile, over nine years, Robin turned into so much more than just someone’s dream woman. She became a flesh-and-blood person with skills (she’s a cigar-loving sharp shooter), secrets (she was a Canadian teen pop star), and sadness (she’ll never be a pole vaulter). And even though her marriage to Barney ended after just three years, Robin learned to love and finally understood what she missed out on with Ted. While she didn’t interfere with Ted and Tracy’s love story, she did, painfully, remove herself from their friend group when it became too hard to stand on the sidelines.

    Fans have speculated for years that the Mother wasn’t alive in the present day, which is why Ted is even telling his kids the story of how they met. So where does that leave Ted? Would the show really kill the love of Ted’s life and then roll the credits? It didn’t need to end that way for Tracy, but with Ted’s soul mate out of the picture, it only makes sense to reunite him with his dream woman — and Robin is finally in a place to make Ted’s dream a reality.

    This isn’t a perfect ending; the ground covered in the finale could have filled an entire season instead of being crammed into a single hour. (We haven’t even gotten into Barney becoming a dad, Marshall and Lily having three kids and leaving their treasured apartment, and the many perfectly placed callbacks to nine seasons of inside jokes.) But a straightforward, fairytale ending for Ted and Tracy wouldn’t have served viewers, and it would have been beyond boring. The story Ted tells the kids, and the series itself, is about the gang — Robin included. I would gladly sit down and watch a full spin-off about just Ted and Tracy. But in this series? In the deviously titled How I Met Your Mother? It has always been Robin.

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  • Which is the best sitcom: The Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, or Friends?

    Read Chandresh Kakliya's answer to Which is the best sitcom: The Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, or Friends? on Quora

    The first time you watch BBT, it is great. But so is friends. 
    The second time you watch BBT, it is nice but friends is still great. 
    The third time you watch BBT, it is okay but friends is still great.
    The fourth time you watch BBT, you will realize it's the last time. But friends will still be great.
    And when you are 60, you might remember there was a show called BBT but you would still be watching friends and it would be great.
    Thank you people for promotion.

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  • Friends TV Shows


    Watch online Friends full episodes here :

    "Friends" aired on NBC from 1994 to 2004 and followed a group of six buddies living in New York City, including high school friends Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Monica (Courteney Cox), Monica's older brother Ross (David Schwimmer), Ross's college roommate Chandler (Matthew Perry), ditzy-but-charming Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), and struggling actor Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc).

    Producers were already acquainted with Schwimmer and wrote the role for him, but Cox first auditioned for the role of Rachel before being told by the show's creative team that she'd be a better fit for Monica. The series finale of the show became the most-watched television episode of the decade.

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